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RJ Hedglin

RJ HedglinWhile being very successful in his tile career, he experienced the lack of time freedom that most have that are working the trades, working for others or even working for themselves when deadlines and commitments take precedence.

After turning down repeated invitations to look at several business opportunities dealing with network marketing, he reluctantly looked at one, as he puts it "mostly to stop a friend from hounding" him.

He was thrilled to learn about leveraging other peoples efforts in making a living and decided to get involved.

That was 18 years ago. In those 18 years, RJ has been a part of 4 companies, hitting the top ranks in each. Being amongst the top producing representatives in one of those companies, it was evident why he was asked to serve as part of a 10 member "roundtable" contributing to strategies and trainings to further growth.

While personally assisting hundreds to an accurate understanding of network marketing and the freedom and advantages it can produce, in his career RJ has helped literally dozens attain the kind of financial capacity that effectually made them change careers and lifestyle.

RJ leverages the http://junglemarketinggroup.com to build his buiness.

RJ on The Teach Jim Show